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Advertising and Marketing Manager Job Description, Career as a Advertising and Marketing Manager, Salary, Employment

Definition and Nature of the Work, Education and Training Requirements, Getting the Job

Training/Educational Requirements: A minimum of a bachelor’s degree within business administration, marketing, or advertising
Median Salary: $73,060 annually
Job Prospects: Very Good

Basic Job Description

An advertising and marketing manager is often a hybrid position between the two disciplines. Many corporations combine the advertising and marketing teams and put a manager in charge of both departments. Since advertising and marketing go hand in hand, an advertising and marketing manager usually has a strong background in both areas.

Most of the time an advertising and marketing manager is not only responsible for managing staff, but is heavily involved in strategic developments. Within a corporation, this manager is involved with developing an overall marketing and advertising plan while managing each task through execution. This may be accomplished by using in-house staff the advertising and marketing manager oversees. Alternatively this may be done through an outside advertising agency or marketing services company for which the advertising and marketing manager is responsible for hiring and overseeing.

As a part of the advertising and marketing plan and strategy, this manager often decides the budget, the type of medium, and determines the most effective way to reach the target audience. The advertising and marketing manager usually has ties to the sales department to ensure efforts coincide and that revenue is gained.

Training/Educational Requirements

As an advertising and marketing manager, it is imperative to have a bachelor’s degree within marketing, advertising, or some business discipline. It is also recommended to have a wide range of courses including business administration, finance, advertising, communications, and marketing. It is preferred that advertising and marketing managers complete or work towards a master’s degree, such as an MBA, to show a well-rounded approach.

It can be helpful to keep up with current trends through professional classes or online programs. As the scope of advertising and marketing changes and moves towards an online approach, it is highly recommended for advertising and marketing managers to keep their education and skills current.

How to Get Hired as an Advertising/Marketing Manager

Most advertising and marketing managers have to work their way up the ranks of an advertising agency or corporation. Since this managerial role is focused on the two disciplines, gaining appropriate experience is a must. Advertising and marketing managers typically start at the bottom in entry-level positions such as a traffic coordinator at an advertising agency, or a marketing coordinator at the corporate level. As they climb the ranks and gain experience, they become well versed and often settle into a managerial role.

In order to get hired as an advertising and marketing manager, the individual must have experience within the field. It’s important to note that some companies treat advertising and marketing as separate disciplines. In this instance, there may be a separate individual as marketing manager and another individual as advertising manager. Other companies which make up the majority, combine advertising and marketing as one and oversees all related activities. Either way experience is the key to finding such a job and what employers seek most.

Job Prospects, Employment Outlook and Career Development

The outlook for the advertising and marketing manager role is very good and expected to keep up at an above average trend moving forward. As domestic and global competition continues to grow, the need for advertising and marketing managers is expected to increase.

For those who have proven advertising and marketing experience within a technical, academic, or scientific type of industry or environment, it is believed the growth will be even greater. Any advertising and marketing manager with experience in a technological field is expected to have a greater chance of getting hired.

Competition is intense for such a role as individuals within the field have similar experience and are working towards the same type of managerial position. Those with an education in advertising or marketing, particularly a master’s degree, have an edge to their competitors. Individuals who demonstrate experience within a variety of industries or who have proven results will stand out from the crowd.

It is necessary for individuals in an advertising and marketing manager position to show creativity and the ability to develop strategy, and execute results through tasks and programs. Many individuals who start off in entry-level positions eventually work their way up to top managerial positions within an organization.

Working Environment

Most advertising and marketing managers usually work in a typical work environment, often located in close proximity to top managers and executives within the organization. It is, however, common for individuals in top managerial roles to travel a great deal to work with clients, manage processes, or oversee tasks such as trade shows or commercial shoots.

Advertising and marketing managers often work extensive hours. They often work with tight deadlines and must manage their staff or an advertising agency to ensure tasks are completed. In addition to long hours, advertising and marketing managers attend association or client meetings which are usually held after hours.

Salary and Benefits for Advertising/Marketing Managers

Since advertising and marketing managers are established in their careers, the salary range is usually above the entry level amount. Marketing or advertising majors’ starting salaries are typically around $33,831 per year. Once an individual gets to a managerial role within an organization, their median salary is $73,060 per year. At the high end, advertising and marketing managers can earn up to $91,560 per year. The more technical the industry and the more responsibilities expected, the higher the salary range.

Advertising and marketing managers usually receive standard benefits such as paid vacation and sick days, as well as a full medical and dental package. Some emplolyers provide a company cell phone or a company car, depending on the amount of travel involved.

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