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E-Commerce Marketing Manager Job Description, Career as an E-Commerce Marketing Manager, Salary, Employment

Definition and Nature of the Work, Education and Training Requirements, Getting the Job

Bachelor's degree minimum; master's degree preferred; previous Information Technology (IT) experience necessary

Salary Median—$84,246 per year

Employment Outlook Very good

Definition and Nature of the Work

As the twenty-first century advances many companies are finding new markets and new customers by offering products and services on the World Wide Web. E-commerce marketing managers are responsible for developing and carrying out plans to help companies take advantage of the marketing and sales opportunities available through the Internet.

E-commerce marketing managers help define their companies' objectives for using electronic commerce and decide what computer applications are needed to achieve them. As part of this process marketing managers must develop marketing plans that explain how the e-commerce proposals will increase their companies' business.

E-commerce marketing managers must also monitor their companies' e-commerce strategies as they are being implemented. This includes drawing up a schedule for any projects under way and ensuring that the technical teams meet their deadlines. Developing budgets for projects, monitoring costs, providing status reports to management, and incorporating feedback from the executive level are other responsibilities of e-commerce marketing managers.

Education and Training Requirements

The job of an e-commerce marketing manager combines basic business management skills with a knowledge of Internet-based computer applications. Successful candidates should not only enjoy and be proficient at working in a technical environment, they should have the ability to work effectively with a team in a leadership position.

E-commerce marketing managers help companies develop Web sites that will promote their businesses and sell products. (© Anthony Redpath/Corbis.)

Employers require at least a bachelor's degree in a business or technical field. For candidates with a business background, courses in computer science or engineering are helpful. For some e-commerce marketing manager positions, a master's degree is required.

In addition to academic training the candidate must have relevant experience in an information technology field. This may include experience developing Internet computer applications, working with e-commerce software programs, or familiarity with computer programming languages such as Java or C++. Previous work involving the design of computer interfaces (the look and feel of a computer program with which a user interacts) is a plus. The position also demands experience in marketing management and a thorough knowledge of the industry for which the e-commerce project is being developed.

Getting the Job

Becoming an e-commerce marketing manager requires years of training and experience. Individuals interested in a position as an e-commerce marketing manager may start out as an e-commerce marketing analyst or a Web designer. Internet job banks list the majority of the openings in these fields but because companies of all types are moving rapidly to provide Internet-based services for their customers, some jobs of this type may be listed in daily newspapers or industry magazines. A person with marketing management experience and a technical background who is working for a company considering an e-commerce initiative should investigate the possibility of creating an e-commerce marketing manager position.

Advancement Possibilities and Employment Outlook

A successful e-commerce marketing manager may advance to a position such as marketing director or chief information officer (CIO; the name given to the person responsible for planning and implementing all of a company's technology initiatives). An e-commerce marketing manager is a type of marketing manager; according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of marketing managers was expected to increase faster than the average for all occupations between 2004 and 2014. Employment of e-commerce marketing managers may rise at an even greater rate as many companies continue to expand their e-commerce efforts.

Working Conditions

E-commerce marketing managers are business professionals who work in a modern office setting. The work may entail design and development of computer applications, which may mean long hours at a computer terminal. Because of the need to set and meet deadlines, e-commerce marketing managers often work nighttime and weekend hours to complete projects. Meeting with clients sometimes requires travel at times that are convenient for customers.

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Earnings and Benefits

According to Salary.com the median yearly wage for an e-commerce marketing manager was $84,246 in 2006. The top-paid 25 percent made more than $98,127. Salaries depend largely on experience and qualifications. These positions typically include attractive benefits packages that feature paid vacations, exceptional medical benefits, savings and retirement plans, stock options, and profit-sharing plans.

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