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Building a Working Robot Step-by-Step

Controllers And Artificial Intelligence

For all its sophistication, Asimo is not an autonomous robot. It cannot make its own decisions but instead relies on preprogrammed routines, human manual control, or voice commands to perform its functions. Using wireless technology, an operator can control Asimo by a computer, even seeing what Asimo sees through its camera eyes. A joystick moves the robot like a radio-controlled car, and the operator controls its direction. Should Asimo encounter an obstacle or incline, it will automatically adjust to the terrain. Asimo carries its own computer, located in its backpack, to provide the processing power necessary to keep this complex machine on its feet.

Asimo is Internet-ready and can be integrated with a computer network. While artificial intelligence is not currently a part of Asimo's development, one day Asimo or its descendants will be able to decide and act upon their own course of action, without any human supervision, prompts, or commands.

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