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Robots at Work

Surgery And Prosthetics

Robotic and computer technology is now so advanced that robots are even being used to perform surgery, their movements guided by a human surgeon via computer. The robot surgeon scales down the human surgeon's movements, allowing the doctor to perform delicate surgeries in inaccessible areas of the body and using movements far too fine and precise for a human hand to execute.

Engineers at Yale University have developed a similar robotic tool, known as the da Vinci system. Its multiple arms are outfitted with microtools for precise work. Robotics engineers are also involved in developing the next generation of prosthetics. Robotic hands, arms, and legs will be developed for human use, thanks to the work being done on humanoid robots that are able to mimic human movements. These artificial appendages will allow those who have lost a limb from illness, accident, or birth defect to be fitted for a prosthetic that allows for near normal movement.

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