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Woodland firefighters tackle the huge, powerful flames that can engulf hundreds of acres of forest land in a matter of hours. There are a number of positions within the category of wildland firefighting, such as fire spotters (firefighters posted in lookout towers), smoke jumpers, and hotshots. Professionals, like timber managers and biologists, round out the team. The positions all share some common requirements, including the ability to hike across long distances carrying at least forty-five pounds on your back. You may have to follow fires in some very remote places for weeks on end.


Hotshots, an elite, highly trained crew of firefighters with the U.S. Forest Service, work in crews of twenty highly trained men and women who live together and are often called upon to travel wherever they are needed. Their specialty is situations where wildfires begin to threaten urban and suburban areas. According to the National Park Service, hotshots are generally given assignments on the toughest part of a fire.

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