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A River Guide's Safety Code

As a river guide, you will have to observe certain safety codes for white-water rafting. Here are some of the guidelines:

  • Make sure you and your party are all competent swimmers.
  • Be sure everyone is wearing a life preserver, shoulder protection, and a correctly fitted helmet.
  • Do not enter a rapid unless you are reasonably sure that you can get through it without injury or mishap.
  • Make sure that each boat contains at least three people and that a party contains no less than two boats. Never boat alone.
  • Have a realistic sense of your skills and the ability of your guests (taking into account their fitness, age, anxiety levels, and health). Do not attempt to navigate rapids that are beyond your party's abilities.
  • Be knowledgeable in rescue and self-rescue skills, CPR, and first aid. Carry the equipment necessary for unexpected emergencies, such as knives, whistles, flashlights, folding saws, guidebooks, maps, food, waterproof matches, extra clothing, and repair kits.
  • Be sure that your boat and gear are all in good working order. Test any new equipment before you take a party downriver.
  • Never lead a party under the influence of drugs or alcohol and do not allow members of your party to partake in either. Drugs and alcohol use can dull reflexes and impair a person's decision-making ability, thus leading to potentially serious accidents.

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