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Nanotechnology Jobs

Other Nanotech-related Jobs

Medical researchers investigate diseases and other aspects of human health. Many of the specialists already profiled, like biologists, pharmacologists, and biomedical engineers, may conduct medical research. But in order to work with patients, a medical researcher must also be a licensed physician. Scientists who have earned both a Ph.D. and a medical degree have a significant advantage in performing research. Nurses who have completed a master's degree or higher may also specialize in research. Before nanotechnology treatments and medical products reach the market, medical researchers will have to take them through exhaustive testing and clinical trials.

Technicians assist scientists, engineers, and medical researchers in their work. Although working in lower-level positions, technicians involved in nanotechnology still require a high degree of skill and training. Microfabrication technicians, for example, specialize in the processes used in creating products such as microchips. Electrical engineering technicians help design and test equipment. Medical technicians perform lab analyses of blood and other samples.

Science writers present scientific information in a variety of different forms. These range from formal reports published in scientific journals to news accounts of new discoveries. Books and articles may be intended for a limited readership of experts in a particular field or for the general public. Science writers must possess excellent writing and research skills, as well as a keen interest in their subject. It is important that science writers remain objective, especially when covering topics such as nanotechnology that receive a large amount of media attention. Positions may require a college degree in communications, journalism, or English, and a strong background in science. Writers earn a median salary of about $45,000, although earnings vary greatly depending on the position.

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