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Preparing for a Nanotechnology Career

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A graduate with a degree in nanotechnology will have a broad range of possible career choices: continuing in academia, taking a job in a government department, or choosing one of a variety of industries in which nanotechnology holds promise. But there is also a need for people knowledgeable in nanotechnology outside the hands-on career paths in the field.

In upcoming years, the business aspect of nanotechnology will become increasingly important. Some nanotech companies will see their value soar, while others will fail. There has already been discussion of a potential “nanotech bubble” sometime in the future, just as there was a “dot-com bubble” in the 1990s that led to a crash for Internet investors.

Many companies are founded by scientists, who may possess brilliant scientific credentials but no experience or talent for running a business. When nanotechnology starts to make a more significant impact on the economy, there will be ample opportunities for executives with a firm grasp of what is possible.

The emergence of nanotechnology also opens up niches elsewhere. Journalists and other science writers provide a window into nanotechnology for the public. Lawyers are already involved due to disputes over patent rights. As nanotechnology gains ground in the global economy, such cases will require expertise in international law.

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