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Preparing for a Nanotechnology Career

Launching A Nanotech Career

Nanotechnology is full of potential applications that make it an exciting field for various government departments and private corporations. Some products on the market are already incorporating nanotech materials and processes. It is projected that the nanotech industry will soon be a major force in the economy. According to Lux Research, a firm specializing in nanotechnology research, nanotechnology will be a $2.6 trillion market worldwide by 2014.

The outlook is bright for future nanotech careers. According to the National Science Foundation, about 20,000 workers were involved in the nanotech industry worldwide in 2005. It expects that number to soar to two million over the next fifteen years. As the need for skilled nanotech workers increases, industries will actively recruit highly qualified candidates. Nanotechnology jobs will probably become less specialized, and more lower-level technical positions will open up as nanotechnology products gain a broader market.

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