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Preparing for a Nanotechnology Career

Going To School

Nanotechnology is such a new field that today's students will be the first generation to grow up in a world being changed by its applications. You can prepare yourself for a career in nanotechnology early on by signing up for advanced high school classes in chemistry, physics, biology, math, and computer science. Choose topics related to nanotechnology when you work on science fair projects, research papers, current events reports, and other independent assignments.

Extracurricular activities can also be a great opportunity to get involved in science- and technology-related organizations. Check out clubs, field trips, and competitions offered by your school or community. Many universities with nanotechnology programs also have tours, lectures, seminars, and summer programs for high school students and the general public.

When applying to colleges, do some thorough research on their nanotech programs. Do they specialize in a particular area of interest to you, like biological nanotechnology or nanoscale applications of information technology? Another option is to choose a broader major, like chemistry or computer science, and pursue nanotechnology at the graduate level. Graduate students can often earn recognition for research work even before earning a degree and gain hands-on work experience through internships.

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