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Experienced cost estimators earn between $30,000 and $75,000 per year, with the average being around $40,000 per year. It takes many years to work up to this level. An estimator-in-training would bring home about $20,000 a year until trained.

A Is for Arithmetic

Here is a list of some other jobs for number crunchers.

Actuaries compile statistics about life expectancy and then calculate insurance premiums. They also figure the risks for car, theft, fire, and medical insurance based on hundreds of factors, and compute rates for premiums.

Adjusters investigate billing errors and adjust accounts. They work for retail establishments, such as department stores and credit card companies. Sometimes they are required to explain to customers how the errors have been corrected.

Appraisers give a value to something in dollars. It may be real estate, antiques, or collectibles, such as metal lunchboxes from the 1950s or vintage clothing. Appraisers are frequently self-taught and self-employed. Sometimes, as in the case of real estate, they must pass a test and earn a license. Appraisers who work for insurance companies determine the cost of repairs or damages.

Auditing clerks verify records of transactions posted by other workers. They check figures and documents for mathematical accuracy and proper procedure. They may also check payroll, timekeeping, and billing records. A specialty for auditing clerks today is to verify hospital bills.

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