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Education and Training

While in high school, take courses in algebra, biology, earth sciences, English (including writing), and computers. If you can, attend a vocational high school and take classes in agriculture. After school and during summers off, you can learn a lot about soil conservation by working on a farm. You can also join a 4-H Club or the National FFA Organization (formerly Future Farmers of America).

Upon graduation, many soil conservation technicians get on-the-job training. But jobs with government agencies are often based on an exam. To prepare for the exam and supplement your learning, consider taking soil conservation courses at a technical college. No certification, license, or college training is required for soil conservation technicians. But to improve your job prospects, consider earning a certificate in soil science from the American Society of Agronomy or the Soil and Water Conservation Society. A two-year program at a technical institute can lead to work at the higher level of soil conservationist.

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