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FLORIST - Education And Training

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Education and Training

If you want to be a florist, take high-school courses in art and design, biology and botany, English and communications, and accounting, business, and computers. Try to attend a specialized vocational high school that offers courses in floriculture and flower design. Read books about flower arranging and experiment at home using flowers and plants to make arrangements and wreaths for special occasions.

On-the-job training is especially useful. Try to get an after-school job with a local florist during holidays or summers off. While in school or after graduation, your first jobs may involve caring for and selling cut flowers or delivering arrangements, but you can learn much about floral design and about the business by watching an experienced florist at work. You may even be allowed to design simple arrangements yourself! To progress more quickly in the field, consider taking floriculture and business courses after high school that will enable you to start as a floral designer or to open your own shop.

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