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Tools Of The Trade

Here are just a handful of the many machines used on farms:

Blower A machine used to blow hay up a pipe and into a silo for storage.

Combine A large, self-propelled machine used to harvest grain crops. It cuts grain, separates it from the straw, leaves the straw in neat rows, and stores the grain in a bin. Different attachments, or heads, are used to harvest different types of grain. For instance, a reel-type head is used for wheat, and a corn head is used for corn.

Corn harvester A machine that cuts, chops, and blows corn into wagons.

Drill A device that is pulled behind a tractor and seeds fields. It makes long grooves in the soil, drops seed into them, then covers the seeds with soil.

Hay baler A machine that gathers up dry hay into big rectangular or round bundles called bales.

Tractor The main farm vehicle used in the fields. Many different types of farm equipment used for planting, mowing, and harvesting can be attached to it and pulled through the fields.

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