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Employment for visual artists is expected to grow at a faster rate than the average for all other occupations through 2008. But competition for freelance work or full-time positions will continue to be stiff since so many people are attracted to artistic fields.

Botanical artists may experience an increased demand for their services as more and more people become interested in gardening and natural foods, and as more magazines, books, gardening companies, and natural-foods companies are developed to meet their needs. Increased numbers of gardening and other horticultural Web sites should also mean more jobs for botanical artists.

About 60 percent of all visual artists are self-employed freelancers, and many botanical artists are self-employed. Pay rates for freelancers vary. Large advertising firms and large companies generally pay the most. They are followed by large book publishers and national magazines with large circulations. Small companies and small publishing houses usually pay the least. A freelancer can earn anywhere from $10,000 to $100,000 or more annually, depending on what his or her clients pay and the number of works created each year.

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