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Surveying technicians work on teams called survey parties. They operate the equipment that measures the area that they are surveying. They take detailed notes, make sketches of the area, and record all the data into a computer.

Much of a surveying technician's day is spent outside, and often he or she gets to travel. Sometimes surveying technicians drive to the site to be surveyed, but sometimes they need to travel a greater distance to the site. Occasionally they will temporarily move to the survey site.

Being a surveying technician can be physically demanding. Surveying technicians often have to stand for long periods of time or walk great distances. There is a lot of heavy equipment to be carried, and they may be outside in all types of weather. Surveying technicians usually work a regular workweek, although they may work longer hours in the summer.

Who Works on a Surveying Party?

A land survey party collects information the surveyor needs from a particular location. There are usually four to eight people in the party. Here are some of the party's members:

Party chief (land surveyor or senior survey technician): leads the group and makes sure measurements are accurate

Surveying technician: helps the party chief, operates equipment, and takes notes

Assistant: helps operate equipment

Helper: carries equipment, clears the land to make it easier to set up the equipment, sets up traffic warnings

After working for several years, a surveying technician usually becomes a senior surveying technician. Then he or she can take exams to become licensed as a surveyor.

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