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Education And Training

One of the main requirements for a truck driver is being a better-than-average driver. You'll be responsible for delivering your cargo safely. And of course you must love to drive because that's what you'll be doing all day long.

If you're thinking about a career in long-haul trucking, you might want to take driver training and auto mechanic classes in high school. Some technical and vocational schools offer training courses for truck drivers. Usually when you are hired by a trucking company they will send you to school, so taking classes on your own is not always necessary.

Before you can drive for a long-haul trucking company, you will need to get a commercial driver's license (CDL). To get a license you need to pass the CDL exam, which has a written test and a driving test. Trucking schools will help you to prepare for the exam. There are also books that can help you study (see the For More Information section).

Most trucking companies require drivers to be at least twenty-three years old to drive tractor-trailers. A good way to get experience before you are twenty-three is with companies that make local deliveries within a city or state. Sometimes younger drivers can work as a truck driver's helper. Helpers drive part of the time and may help load and unload the truck.

Another good way to get experience is by joining the military. Almost all branches of the military need drivers. See the Military Career Guide online for more information (http://www.militarycareers.com/index.html).

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