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Air Transport Association (ATA)
1301 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Suite 1100
Washington, DC 20004-1707
(202) 626-4000
Web site: http://www.airlines.org/public/home/default1.asp
Most major airlines belong to the ATA. The ATA has a brochure called “People of the Airlines” that lists the names, addresses, and phone numbers of its member airlines. You can get a free copy of this brochure by writing to the Public Information Department at the address above.

Association of Flight Attendants (AFA)
1275 K Street NW, Suite 500
Washington, DC 20005
(202) 712-9799
e-mail: afatalk@afanet.org
Web site: http://www.flightattendant-afa.org
The AFA is a union that helps organize flight attendants from many airlines. They help flight attendants get better pay and benefits.

FlightSafety International
Cabin Attendant Training
301 Robert B. Miller Road
Savannah, GA 31408
(800) 625-9369
Web site: http://www.flightsafety.com
FlightSafety International trains flight attendants for corporate or commercial travel.

Jet Professionals, Inc.
114 Charles Lindbergh Drive
Teterboro, NJ 07608
(800) 441-6016
Web site: http://www.jet-professionals.com/index.htm
Jet Professionals is a placement agency that deals mostly with corporate travel.


This Web site has articles written by flight attendants that give you an idea of what it is like to fly.

Avjobs helps people find jobs in the airline industry. Their Web site has a career guide that describes requirements for flight attendants and has information on corporate flight attendants.

Beyond and Above
This Web site gives information and opportunities regarding corporate flight attendant training. Courses are also offered.

This Web site features information for getting started on your flight attendant career.


Bock, Becky. Welcome Aboard! Your Career as a Flight Attendant. Aurora, CO: Cage Consulting, Inc., 1998.
This book has a good description of what a flight attendant does and provides practical advice on preparing for a career as a flight attendant.

Kirkwood, Tim. Flight Attendant Job Finder and Career Guide. River Forest, IL: Planning/Communications, 1999.
You'll find advice on how to get a job as a flight attendant and specific information on U.S. and Canadian airlines in this guide.

Krannich, Ronald, and Caryl Rae Krannich. The Best Jobs for the 21st Century. Third ed. Manassas Park, VA: Impact Publications, 1998.
This book includes an overview of a career as a flight attendant.

Rule, Luauna. An Insider's Secrets to Becoming a Flight Attendant. Littleton, CO: Flight Attendant Corporation of America, 1997.
You can find information that will help you decide if a career as a flight attendant is right for you. This book also includes advice on applying, interviewing, and training for flight attendant jobs.

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