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Art has been around for as long as civilization, but art galleries are subject to the state of the overall economy. When times are tough, art is one of the first things that consumers cut out of their budgets.

Some artists are starting to show their work on the Internet, but it's not likely that this will change the way art is sold. Most customers will still want to go into a gallery, see the actual piece, and talk with a dealer before making the decision to purchase it.

Educate Yourself

Start now by looking at art around you. Go to the local art museum and study the paintings, drawings, and sculptures. Take art classes at school or at the local recreation center. Go into an art gallery and ask questions (intelligent ones) about the works you see there. You don't have to be embarrassed about this. The dealers know that you can't buy anything now, but the good ones will educate you so that when you can buy something you'll come back to them.

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