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American League of Lobbyists (ALL)
P.O. Box 30005
Alexandria, VA 22310
(703) 960-3011
Web site: http://www.alldc.org
This organization represents the interests of lobbyists and encourages ethical lobbying practices. The organization's Web site is full of helpful information, including career resources, event listings, a job bank, and the latest news.


American Academy of Physician Assistants
Don't be fooled by the Web site, which is geared toward physician assistants. This page features lists of dos and don'ts for all lobbyists.

Careers in Lobbying
This is a page on Catholic University's career services Web site. Although intended for CU students and alumni, the information will be helpful to all those interested in becoming a lobbyist. The page includes a description of a day in the life of a lobbyist and links to related organizations.

Council of Landscape Architectural Registration Board
This page is written for members of the CLA who lobby, but it is a good general guide for anyone wanting to pursue a career in lobbying.

Healthy Sale
This site features an enlightening interview with a lobbyist.

Provides rules for lobbyists in Washington and a list of publications.

Lobbying as a Career
Part of the American League of Lobbyists Web site, this page offers a concise description of lobbying and how to get started in the career.


Reis, Ronald A. The Everything Hot Careers Book. Holbrook, MA: Adams Media Corp., 2001.

This book gives the inside scoop on lobbyist careers, including interviews with people in the profession.

Wolpe, Bruce C. Lobbying Congress: How the System Works. Washington, DC: Congressional Quarterly Publishing, 1990.

If you're going to become a lobbyist, it is important to understand the government system. Though over a decade old, this book does a good job of covering standards like the rules of lobbying, the lawmaking process, and making contacts.

Zorach, John. The Lobbying Handbook. Washington, DC: Professional Lobbying and Consulting Center, 1990.

This 1,000-page book covers it all—the legislative process, contacts, rules for lobbyists, and case studies. Everything you'll need to start your career as a lobbyist.


Lobbyists, Brief #608
Chronicle Guidance Publications
(800) 622-7284
Web site: http://www.chronicleguidance.com
This brief provides an in-depth look at lobbying as a career choice.


Washington Intern Foundation
(703) 979-5534
You can learn a lot from working as a government apprentice for a summer, even if you're just making copies and answering phones. Call the Washington Intern Foundation for more information.

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