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If you are interested in a good cause, or if you belong to a social change organization, you know that you are constantly being asked for money to help support the cause. Why not turn your desire to help the greater good into a career?

Fund-raisers, or development officers, raise money for nonprofit organizations, the tax-exempt groups that strive to make lives better. Fund-raisers talk to potential contributors about the cause for which they are working and convince the contributors that their money will make a difference in the world. Fund-raisers may also plan events such as benefits for the cause, organize direct mailings that inform the public and solicit funds, and enlist volunteers to help with all kinds of work. They keep track of their expenses and the money that is raised. Public speaking may also be part of the job.

Fund-raisers must be very careful to account for the money they raise. Many organizations have lost the support of the public because they used the money in ways the contributors did not intend. Donors also want to know how their money is being used. The fund-raiser needs to keep the contributors up to date on the use of the funds.

One of the biggest jobs of a fund-raiser is to make a database of potential major contributors. This database would contain names, business affiliations, and contact numbers. The fund-raiser does some research to find out which causes the potential donor supports and what organizations that person belongs to. The fund-raiser makes a plan for asking for funds. This might be a meeting in the donor's office, a dinner invitation, or accompanying the fund-raiser to a special event. The fund-raiser prepares written material for the donor to look over. This material explains why the money is needed, what it would be used for, and how the donor would be recognized. At this point, the fund-raiser needs to be patient. Big contributions are not made on the spur of the moment.

Many people shy away from fund-raising because they don't like to ask people for money. Unless organizations have money, the good work they are doing will not be able to continue. As a fund-raiser, you have a chance to talk with other people about a cause you believe in and convince them to help you in continuing that good work.

Some of the most important personal characteristics that a fund-raiser needs are a commitment to public service, enthusiasm, idealism, and an ability to deal with people. A fund-raiser is fluent, pays attention to detail, is able to multitask, knows how to negotiate, and is creative. Fund-raisers must have a good personal appearance when soliciting money. The CEO of a Fortune 500 company will expect the fund-raiser to dress appropriately for the company's office. Because fund-raisers work for organizations they believe in, their satisfaction with their jobs is very high.

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