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Education And Training

In this field, personal qualities count more than education, although most demonstrators have a high school diploma. Employers look for people who are at ease when speaking in public. They want demonstrators who have a sense of humor and who are interested in the products they manufacture. A knowledge of a foreign language could expand the opportunities for demonstrators. Demonstrators work on their own, and they should be able to set up their work and do the required paperwork without supervision.

Employers give demonstrators training in the use of the product. The length of the training varies. Complex products such as computers will take more training time than will learning about a vacuum cleaner. The training may also cover aspects of dealing with customers.

A person who shows a knack for selling as a demonstrator may advance to other marketing jobs, such as manufacturer's representative or other positions in retail sales. If you work for a department store, you might be able to advance into other sales positions within the company.

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