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How Many Kinds Of Race Cars Are There?

Most people are familiar with NASCAR's Formula One racers and drivers like Jeff Gordon and the Earnhardt family. These are the vehicles that look like sporty versions of “street” cars, and the races are usually televised, such as the Winston Cup. These cars are also known as stock cars.

Either the Championship Auto Racing Team or the Indy Racing League sanctions Indy cars. A key difference between the organizations is that the former has routes that mix track, ovals, and street routes, while the latter is strictly dedicated to oval courses. An Indy car is an open-wheel vehicle, meaning the wheels are in plain sight, not seen within a wheel well as in street cars. CART offers Indy Lights, aimed at younger racers.

Sprint cars are also open-wheeled vehicles but might be seen with large wings on either side, behind the driver. Sprint cars race on oval tracks in races like the World of Outlaws. Some sponsoring organizations prefer wingless cars and you need to do your homework before competing.

“Funny cars” are used mainly in exhibition auto shows and are not meant to be seen as anything other than entertaining. The same with monster trucks, which are normal flatbed truck chassis atop wheels that can be seven feet high. Monster trucks are also sponsored by corporations for publicity at auto shows, where these vehicles are seen crushing normal cars.

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