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Interestingly, given how vital this career is, there is no federal monitoring of instructors or guidelines about what needs to be taught. Instead, this falls to states to determine, and as a result there are at least fifty different approaches to the position. In Texas, for example, a would-be instructor needs to take a thirty-six-hour course. In Florida, it's just thirty-two hours.

Many driving schools in America offer courses to prepare future instructors. To find one, you will need to check your local yellow pages. Professional driving instructors can work for independent companies or regional or national chains.

Future instructors are taught to have professional conduct and a clean driving record. States charge about $75 for an instructor's license. Make sure that the school you attend is a member of the Driver School Association of America, since they set the standards. In addition, the school should be accredited by the state department of motor vehicles. Most states require the instructor to be at least twenty-five years old for insurance purposes.

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