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As a courier, you might be asked to drive a company vehicle or your own car. If you use your car, then all you need is a valid driver's license. In Canada, you need to be twenty-one years old to work as a messenger. If you drive a company-owned vehicle, you might be required to obtain a commercial license based on state guidelines. Typical job ads ask for people who already know a specific city or region. There is usually no training offered regarding routes or vehicle maintenance. Instead, you learn by doing, or in this case, driving.

Most couriers work for companies and are assigned vehicles. It will be your responsibility to keep the car, truck, or van clean, oiled, and full of gas. Most often, you will receive instructions via cell phone or two-way radio, and you will need to know how to operate the specific system. And even though timeliness counts, speeding does not, and you will be expected to maintain a clean driving record both on duty and off duty.

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