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Have you ever read a restaurant review? Did you then go to the restaurant and disagree with what the critic had written? Have you ever thought that you could write a better review? If so, becoming a food critic may be an avenue for you to explore.

What are the perks? You usually don't have to pay for the meals you review, and each new restaurant is a brand-new dining experience, even if you don't particularly care for the food. Food critics have great jobs because they get to share their love of food and the enjoyment of eating it with viewers and readers.


Food critics' salaries differ, depending on the publisher of their reviews. A critic whose work is placed in a monthly national magazine may be able to make more money than someone who writes for the county newspaper. Food critics are writers and can be paid per word or per article. This is determined by an individual publication. Contact various magazines or papers to see what each one offers food writers.


Competition is very tough in this profession—who wouldn't want to eat great food and get paid to write about it? More food critics can be found in areas with larger populations because there are more employers who can provide employment. A small city may have only one newspaper, but large cities like Los Angeles, Toronto, or Chicago may have three or four daily publications.

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