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Abracat Franchise Center
A great site! Abracat explains the entire franchising process and gives advice on how to start your business, a glossary, and recommended reading to increase your franchise knowledge.

This site is for people with slightly more of an idea of how franchising works. There is a useful feature that allows you to search for a franchise based on the minimum investment.

A funding advice and location Web site.

Small Business Administration (SBA)
The SBA's Web site has great information on financing and starting a franchise.


Arden, Lynie. 200 Franchises to Buy: The Essential Sourcebook for Evaluating the Best Franchise Opportunities. New York, NY: Broadway Books, 2000.
A look at the most successful franchise opportunities in terms of financing, marketing, and training.

Bond, Robert E. Bond's Top 50 Food-Service Franchises. Oakland, CA: Source Book Publications, 2000.
This book provides exactly what it says it does—a reference resource for the top food franchises.

Keup, Erwin J. Franchise Bible: How to Buy a Franchise or Franchise Your Own. Central Point, OR: Oasis Press/PSI Research, 2000.
A comprehensive look at the entire process of obtaining funding for a franchise, as well as assistance with choosing a suitable franchisor for your business.

Kowalski, Gary M. The Franchise Ratings Guide: 3000 Franchisees Expose the Best & Worst Franchise Opportunities. Bloomington, IN: iUniverse, Inc., 2006.
A great and honest evaluation of a wide variety of franchises and their chances for success.

Lesonsky, Rieva. Ultimate Book of Restaurant and Food Service Franchises 2005. Irvine, CA: Entrepreneur Press, 2005.
A comprehensive handbook on franchising in the new millennium.

Matthews, Joe, Don DeBolt, and Deb Percival. Street Smart Franchising. EIrvine, CA: Entrepreneur Press, 2006.
This book reviews strategies for success, explains how to navigate the franchising process, and discusses the personality types best suited for this line of work.

Seid, Michael, and Dave Thomas. Franchising for Dummies. Foster City, CA: IDG Books Worldwide, 2000.
The very popular Dummies series of books offers a plain and simple handbook on virtually all of the ins and outs of the franchising business, from simple planning to more complex issues.

Thompson, Nicole, and Robert E. Bond. Bond's Franchise Guide 2001. Oakland, CA: Source Book Publications, 2001.
This handy reference offers 2,300 varieties of franchise opportunities in more than fifty categories and a helpful list of additional contact numbers for hopeful franchisees.


Franchise Times
2500 Cleveland Avenue North, Suite G South
Roseville, MN 55113-2728
“The news and information source for franchising” is a print magazine that includes good information on the latest breaking news in the field.

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