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GREENGROCER - Job Description

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Job Description

Greengrocers are basically farmers. This does not mean that you have to move to the country to become one. There are plenty of small farm owners who live within a few hours of large cities and travel to and from their farms, loaded with fresh produce. Farmers grow a variety of crops, or sometimes one or two specific ones, and take them to cities to sell.

A large number of cities in the United States have started farmers' markets in the last thirty years. For a fee, growers can rent space and sell their produce to anyone. This provides a great source of income for greengrocers and fresh produce for customers. Most open-air markets allow only regional growers to rent space. Large businesses or corporate farms are prohibited from making any sales at these markets. The greengrocers keep 100 percent of the profits from their sales.

Most open-air markets have strict rules regarding the produce that is sold. The majority of it has to be grown by the person selling it. Most markets have a staff to make sure that everyone plays by the rules. This means the produce found at farmers' markets is generally fresher than that found at most supermarkets, which may come from as far away as Holland and loses flavor the longer it is off of the vine or out of the ground.

Farmers' markets also contribute to the community in which they operate. Many neighborhood residents love the chance to get fresher fruit and vegetables at prices that are the same as, if not lower than, those at larger stores. Markets are set up in designated spots in cities, such as parks and playgrounds. The largest farmers' market in the United States can be found in Union Square, in New York City, which is the heart of the downtown area. Locations like these make it easy for everyone to have access to great fresh produce. In addition, the large numbers of people shopping often result in a rise in traffic for other local businesses that don't sell produce. Being a greengrocer is also a great opportunity to develop good personal relationships with customers. Many city dwellers look forward to speaking with fruit and vegetable experts, and may ask advice on how to use certain spices or food preparation methods. Chefs who work in city restaurants love open-air markets. The ability to obtain the freshest and best-tasting produce ensures that chefs who shop at these markets can cook the best-tasting food using the finest ingredients.

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