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According to Suzanne Springer, a freelance food and prop stylist, beginners in the food styling business can make $30,000 to $40,000 per year. In general, there is more work to be found in larger cities. One reason for this is that many magazine publishers and television companies are based in more densely populated areas.

A seasoned food stylist working in New York City can make anywhere from $350 to $850 a day. This rate may be lower in smaller cities or areas of the United States with fewer people. Stylist assistant salaries will be much lower than this and will vary for a particular employer.


The outlook for food stylists varies. Food styling for print publications seems to be more plentiful and steadier than opportunities in television advertising and movies. More and more culinary schools are adding or planning to add food styling to the courses they offer. Perhaps one day it will be possible to obtain a degree in this interesting field.

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