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Education And Training

Since a college degree is not needed to become a baker, apprenticing is the best way to start your career in baking. An apprentice is a person who works under the supervision of a professional while he or she learns the basics of a job. Bakers' apprentices get a chance to earn a wage while learning the craft from an experienced baker. Apprenticeships are not readily available, so get a head start on the competition by starting as soon as possible. See if the local bakery or supermarket baked-goods section needs part-time help. Chances are you won't be decorating cakes when you start—most bakery helpers spend their hours on the job cleaning pots, rolling pins, and mixing bowls.

If you attend a vocational high school, baking may be offered as a course or included in the coursework of a class. Take advantage of this option if it's available to you because it can give you both insight into the profession and possible connections if you choose a career in baking.

One last option—try your hand at baking while at home. Invest a few dollars in a recipe book, or download some recipes from the Web sites listed in the “For More Information” section of this chapter, and do your own apprenticeship in your own kitchen. Bakeries may be more likely to hire you if you can demonstrate some concrete skills.

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