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Diner Lingo

Part of the fun of going to a diner or luncheonette is listening to the waiters or waitresses yelling out their orders. Adam and Eve on a raft? Groundhog? What are they talking about?

Trying to decipher the shorthand slang between diner cooks and servers is sometimes more enjoyable than the food. Some terms like “short stack” and “BLT” have become part of our vocabulary. But others may have you scratching your head. Here are some of the more interesting substitutions:

Adam's ale water
cow juice milk
birdseed cereal
bowl of red bowl of chili
bowwow hot dog
burn the British toast an English muffin
breath onion
deadeye poached egg
dog biscuit cracker
draw one get some coffee
fifty-five glass of root beer
houseboat banana split
lumber toothpick
java coffee
on the hoof meat cooked rare
no cow without milk
wreck 'em scramble some eggs

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