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A good restaurant manager needs to be in control and aware of almost everything that occurs in his or her workplace. If you don't mind long hours and a lot of responsibility, and would like to work with people who want to serve a good meal and provide good service, you may want to consider this career.


Restaurant managers are normally paid a salary rather than an hourly wage. The salary is dependent on the area in which they work because factors such as the cost of living directly affect salary. As of 2006, the average restaurant manager's annual salary was approximately $45,650 for the manager of a full-scale restaurant.


The high turnover in the food service industry provides management opportunities to people who decide to stick it out for a while. If you think this career sounds interesting, give it a try, but remember to be patient. The longer you work for a manager, the better you will perform once you are called on to fill his or her shoes.

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