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Cabinetmakers hold many of the jobs in the woodworking industry. They specialize in building wood cabinets for homes and businesses. Other woodworking professionals may work in factories or workshops. Sometimes, cabinetmakers build cabinets at the site; other times, they build cabinets in their workspace and install them later. Cabinetmakers must be precise with their measurements and work. Cabinetmakers can express their more artistic sides when creating a design, choosing wood, or putting a finish on cabinets.

Woodturners shape, polish, and cut wood into decorative creations. They use equipment such as lathes to shave the wood into objects that can be anything from bowls and boxes to sculptures.

Guitar makers can work for companies that manufacture guitars, or they can craft guitars in their own workshops. Acoustic and electric guitars are usually made from rosewood, spruce, mahogany, or cedar.

Toy makers use wood to create toys that will last for years. Handcrafted toys often outlast their plastic counterparts and make unique gifts. Wooden toys are often the most popular items at craft fairs. A skilled woodworker might branch into toy making to expand his or her offerings.

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