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A patchwork quilt is made of three layers. The top piece is a colorful composition of patchwork squares that have been assembled from many small pieces of cotton. The middle layer is large piece of cotton or synthetic quilt filling, and the bottom layer is a large sheet or plain fabric that has been stitched into a bigger, quilt-sized piece. The act of stitching together the three layers with delicate stitches is called quilting. When the layers are quilted together, they make a coverlet that is stronger, warmer, and much more attractive than any of the pieces would be alone.

Many quilt makers have set aside space in their homes just for their work. While professional quilt makers usually work alone, others work in cooperatives. Rarely do they work for companies.

Patience is an important quality for quilt makers, even for those who sew together patchwork pieces by machine instead of by hand. In addition to having sewing skills, a quilt maker also needs a keen eye. A quilt maker needs to be organized, creative, and neat, with a flair for putting together fabrics and colors.

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