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There is more to the craft of picture framing than popping a photo into a store-bought frame. In addition to being patient, artistic, and enthusiastic, a picture framer needs a deep appreciation for the many elements that combine for attractive and protective framing of photographs, works of art, or other important items. Framers enjoy working with their hands and eyes, and suggesting framing options to customers who want to display and protect their diplomas, needlework, certificates, and rare documents. Being able to judge proportion, as well as coordinate color, texture, and proportion, are vital to the success of a framer.

Picture framers assemble frames by cutting and assembling molding. They choose the color and texture of mat board and cut mats, or windows, to border and protect the pictures inside the frame. A picture framer must be mindful of how the image to be framed will relate to its surrounding.

Framers cut glass and “fit” all the elements cleanly into the frame. In addition to preserving the art, a frame and mat should enhance it as well as the area where it hangs.

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