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Education And Training

Thom Keach, president, founder, and lifetime member of the International Internet Leathercrafters Guild (http://www.iilg.org) advises those interested in leather craft to “take high school or college classes in art, design, color, and even some marketing, since much of your work may be sold to individuals. Also try to find a local leather artist to teach or mentor you. Consider joining a local leather guild in your area or join the IILG.”

“For a person who is wanting to learn leather craft, I would suggest that they explore whether there is anyone in their immediate area who is doing leatherwork,” says renowned leather crafter Ron Ross. “They might check with a local tack shop to see if the operators know of anyone doing leather carving. Then I would suggest that they contact that person to see if they would be interested in taking on a student.”

Love Your Work

For more than fifteen years, Wayne Christensen has created carved custom leather products as part of his business, Leather by WC, in Reseda, California. “I get to do what I love and get paid for it,” says Wayne, about the best part of his job.

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