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A calligrapher creates attractive lettering on documents that usually have special significance. Think of the last time you saw the envelope for a wedding invitation or a diploma written with beautiful, flowing lettering. Because each letter is created by hand, it is a slow, painstaking process. It is not a good career choice for an impatient person. However, if you have the artistic talent and tenacity to study and practice this art form, calligraphy can be extremely rewarding.

People hire calligraphers because they want their documents, invitations, or other printed pieces to stand out and have a distinguished appearance. A calligrapher may work on his or her own, in a self-owned business, or perhaps provide services through a larger graphics company.

Calligraphy can help to create a special mood of joy, elegance, and importance. The hand lettering of calligraphy can make the smallest details—such as place cards at a wedding—even more special.

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