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Many craftspeople sell their work for retail prices at craft fairs, on the Internet, or from their studios. Most basket makers either follow traditional techniques or create their own unique styles.

If you become highly skilled and are a good communicator, you may want to consider teaching. According to Dugan, “A number of basket makers earn their living by traveling around the country teaching at basket conventions, seminars, and craft schools.

“I sell most of my baskets directly to collectors, followed by fine craft shops and galleries, and lastly, online,” says Dugan. “I do one nine-day craft fair a year. It's the League of New Hampshire's Annual Craftsmen's Fair in August.” The first of its kind in the nation, this highly respected event is known for having only the best of the best in fine arts and crafts. “It takes me all year to make enough baskets to sell at the fair, to supply the league shops, the Canterbury Shaker Village Museum store, and select galleries, and fill custom orders,” says Dugan.

Dugan's advice for future basket makers is simple: “Persistence, persistence, persistence. The person who persists will succeed in the end. And as long as there are customers who value the fine craft of handmade baskets, you'll be able to find a market for your products.”

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