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Education And Training

Sharon Dugan, a basket maker from New Hampshire, became interested in making baskets when she was a child in the 1950s. She learned to make her first baskets from her mother.

“When I discovered ash splint and Shaker baskets, I took lessons from a local elderly basket maker,” says Dugan. “After learning the basics from her, I obtained a job working for a nationally known Shaker basket maker.” Before the basket making company agreed to take Dugan on as an employee, they wanted to see that she had the skills to be a basket maker. “I got the job by showing them some of my baskets,” says Dugan

According to Dugan, the best way to learn basket making is to take classes. She suggests following introductory training by making baskets from commercial kits. “Once you are familiar with materials and techniques, you can create your own work,” she says. Check with your local community college, adult education programs, or basket shops to see what classes are available.

The craft of basketry is not limited to highly skilled craftspeople. According to Dugan, “Anyone, including small children, can master simple basket weaving.” If you have the desire to learn, begin by making simple baskets. As your skill develops, you may be able to turn your interest into a lifelong career.

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