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AFTRA American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, one of two unions that protect actors' rights.

age range The ages that an actor can convincingly portray.

audition Tryout process used by directors to find the best person to play a role.

best boy Key grip's assistant, officially known as the assistant key grip or the assistant chief lighting technician.

dolly grip Person who moves the manual camera vehicle back and forth to get the shot.

extra Someone who works in a film or on television as part of the crowd, providing a sense of reality

gaffer Head electrician.

grip Person who moves this and that from here to there and helps set up things on the set.

head shot An 8″ × 10″ black-and-white photo of yourself taken by a professional photographer.

key grip Head of the grips.

location Place outside of the studio where film is shot.

multi-listing Registering with multiple talent agents in hopes of getting work.

proof/proofsheet An 8″ × 10″ sheet of the thirty-six photos taken at a photo shoot from which a head shot is chosen.

résumé A written list of your credits.

SAG Screen Actors Guild, one of two unions that protect actors' rights.

slate yourself To state your name and the role that you are auditioning for.

three-quarter shot Headshot that shows approximately three-quarters of the actor, not just the actor's face.

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