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The makeup artist is the first person the actor works with when he or she arrives on the set each day. Makeup is worn by all actors. The makeup artist may simply cover some blemishes and bring out an actor's features. He or she may help a young person look as if he or she has aged several years. The makeup artist may transform a man to look like a woman, as in the Eddie Murphy film The Nutty Professor. Or, as in the Austin Powers films, the makeup artists were able to transform Mike Myers from Austin Powers to Dr. Evil.

Obviously, then, to be a makeup artist you really need to like to do makeup. You need to be artistic, and you must be very good with details. Once again, what the actor looks like in one shot on one day is exactly how he or she needs to appear in the next shot on another day. It will be up to you to apply each actor's makeup in exactly the same way from day to day. You will work closely not only with the director and the costumer, but also with the hairdresser.

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