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If you have been sewing for years, most likely you will not need any extensive training. Let us assume that you are a real sewing buff and that is why you are considering choosing this career path. The more experience you can put on your résumé, the better. Wardrobe people generally gain their skills on the job. However, to give yourself an advantage, you should take classes in fashion, clothing, design, and textiles. Consider taking classes in film, drama, and theater. Your high school may offer some of these courses. Check with your local community college or your local sewing or fabric store for these classes. The more experience you can bring to your career as you begin, the better. Volunteer to help with costumes, or even to oversee costumes, for community theaters and university or community college theater departments in your area. Consider working after school for a local dress shop, a bridal shop, or a tailor.

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