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Script supervising is another career that is basically learned on the job. You may find a workshop or two out there, like the one suggested in the following directory under “Web sites.” However, you mostly just need to possess a certain set of skills. These are organization, discipline, attention to detail, observation, good memory, and good handwriting. You will do well to have some background knowledge in the workings of film and television. This will mostly come from experience, but you should at least have an idea of what is going on and what things are called.

Script supervisors do not have assistants to help them out. You are the one person responsible for everything listed earlier. Many people in the cast and crew rely heavily on you. Be there. Be on time. Do your job with perfection. You may start out working for little or no money on low-budget films or commercials. Use these paths to gain experience so that when you are asked to work on a major motion picture or a television show, you are already an old pro at what you do!

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