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It is vital that you have training to be a stuntperson. You cannot simply say one day, “Hey, I think I will become a stuntperson,” and then just walk in and get a job. This would be a very dangerous way to approach this type of career. You absolutely must have training. There is a special exception to this rule, however. If you already have a background in which you have used your body to perform some strenuous or dangerous physical activity, you may not need further extensive stunt training. Such a special background would involve some activity that really tests your body's strength, stamina, and ability. Some good examples are gymnastics, wrestling, and circus experience. You also may use other talents that you have, such as skiing, race car driving, piloting a plane, dancing, and activities of this nature, to get work as a stuntperson. Many stuntpeople started out as actors but find that they prefer the thrill of doing their own stunts so much that they decide to perform stunts as a career.

It is very important to remember that unless you have extensive experience in some such activity, you must have proper stunt training so that you can safely perform the dangerous stunts that the script requires. In the directory at the end of this chapter, you will find a few training schools. You have to learn to use your body properly. You should learn how to drive safely so that you can perform high-speed chases for movies. Special schools teach these things, and it is important that you take these courses to ensure your own safety.

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