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The most obvious choice that comes to mind when you are thinking about a career in the film or television industry is that of an actor. An actor is a person who entertains people by pretending to be a character in a television show, movie, play, or commercial. Just about anyone can become a film or television actor, and certainly you do not need a college degree to become one. It can be a long, difficult road to success. If you love drama club or star in every high school play possible, or if you simply love to be the center of attention, a career in acting may be just the career for you. You will have to be strong and bold and willing to go out and make yourself known. A career as an actor is not a good career for the shy, the timid, or those whose feelings are easily hurt. To be an actor, you need to have a great deal of confidence in yourself.

Getting Started

Your first step is going to be to find a regular pay-the-bills job. Your best bet will be to sign up with a temporary employment agency or wait tables at a restaurant. You will need to find a job with a flexible schedule that will work around your demanding schedule as an actor. It is the nature of the acting profession that work is often sporadic and that many actors spend a good deal of time unemployed as actors. You will still have to pay the rent and bills.


Talk, listen, network. The best information you can gather will be from fellow actors or other people working in the film and television business. Talk to your acting teacher, your classmates in acting school, your photographer, the people at the bookstores, and other people you run into at agencies and auditions. This business is really all about networking and being in the right place at the right time!

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