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The World of Computer Gaming

The Initial Concept

The first step in the creation of a video game is coming up with the initial concept. There are two different types of initial concepts: original IP (intellectual property) and licensed property. An original IP is a brand-new idea that is not based on any other previously created entertainment medium, like a movie or a comic book. An original IP usually involves the creation of brand-new characters, environment, and/or storyline. Because the characters, name, and storyline are unfamiliar to the public prior to the game's release, an original IP is a very risky type of game to produce, both from a production and development standpoint. A good example of a successful original IP is Halo. Made for Microsoft's Xbox console, Halo has become a best seller with an iconic main character.

Creating a video game based on an already well-known license is a much less risky endeavor. By taking a popular film, comic book, or character and paying for the rights to use that license as the basis for a video game, you are guaranteed to have a built-in audience that knows what to expect in your game. A good example of a licensed property is any of the many Harry Potter games currently available for most PC and home console systems.

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