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Jewelers of America
52 Vanderbik Avenue, 19th Floor
New York, NY 10017
(646) 658-0256
Web site: http://www.jewelers.org
Jewelers of America is the largest trade organization for retail jewelers. Its goal is to educate the consumer about fine jewelry and serve jewelry professionals. The organization makes available information about jewelry, such as care and cleaning, selecting jewelry, and choosing a jeweler.

Jewelry Information Center
19 West 44th Street
New York, NY 10036
(212) 398-2319
Web site: http://jic.polygon.net
The Jewelry Information Center can provide you with more information about the careers available in the jewelry industry.

Manufacturing Jewelers and Suppliers of America
45 Royal Little Drive
Providence, RI 02904
(800) 444-MJSA
e-mail: mjsa@mjsainc.com
Web site: http://www.mjsainc.org
The MJSA is an organization that holds educational trade shows, provides information, and publishes AJM (Authority on Jewelry Manufacturing) magazine. Check its Web site to learn about its work and get its newsletter.


Browse this site to find articles that pertain to jewelry. You may also use the site explorer to read tips from jewelers about jewelry making and look at the artist galleries the site has.

Jewelry Central
This site has much to offer about jewelry, including how to choose a gem, where to go to find what you're looking for, and how to care for your jewelry. This site also has an extensive Frequently Asked Questions section to help answer your jewelry-related questions.


Dubbs-Ball, Joanne. Costume Jewelers: The Golden Age of Design.
Atglen, PA: Schiffer Publishing, Limited, 1997.
Jewelry collectors and enthusiasts will find this book to be of interest. In it, you will find information on the design and manufacture of costume jewelry.

Hardy, R. Allen. The Jewelry Repair Manual. Mineloa, NY: Dover Publications, Incorporated, 1996.
This manual teaches the basics of jewelry repair and also appeals to the skilled jewelry repairperson by including some of the more advanced techniques.

Jarvis, Charles. Jewelry Manufacture and Repair. Wappingers Falls, NY: N. A. G. Press, 1990.
This book explains the techniques used by skilled jewelry makers.

Revere, Alan. Art of Jewelry Making: Classic and Original Designs. New York: Sterling Publishing Company, Incorporated, 1999.
Instructions for jewelry-making projects are explained in this book. It also includes biographical information on well-known artists.

Spears, Therese. Flash Jewelry Making and Repair Techniques. Boulder, CO: Promenade Publishing, 1990.
This book provides tips and information on making and repairing your own jewelry. Check it out to learn more.

Wallace, Mary. I Can Make Jewelry. Toronto, ON: Owl Books, 1997. Clear photographs and easy instructions help to teach the beginner about jewelry making. This book also includes tips to make simple pieces of jewelry.


Jewelry Crafts
58 South Piney Plains Circle
The Woodlands, TX 77382
e-mail: jwlrymag@flex.net
Web site: http://www.jewelrycrafts.com
If you're interested in learning to make your own jewelry, check out Jewelry Crafts. Each issue of this magazine contains how-to information for different projects, such as beading, silversmithing, and clay projects.

Modern Jeweler
445 Broad Hollow Road
Melville, NY 11747
(631) 845-2700
Web site: http://www.modernjeweler.com
Modern Jeweler is a style magazine that focuses on jewelry. Those in the industry look to this magazine to find out the current trends.

Professional Jeweler
1500 Walnut Street, Suite 1200
Philadelphia, PA 19102
e-mail: askus@professionaljeweler.com
Web site: http://www.professionaljeweler.com
This magazine, published monthly, brings you information about jewelry. Each issue contains articles featuring news pertaining to the jewelry industry. Go to the Web site to sign up for a free newsletter and check statistics about jewelry.


Jewelry from Recyclables
This crafts video will teach you to make your own jewelry from recyclables. You'll learn tips and tricks to make your own jewelry.

Master Artisans: Jewelry Making Techniques
Polymer Video
Check out this video to learn the different techniques for making jewelry.

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