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Pros And Cons

No matter where you live, you'll be able to find work as an electrician or a maintenance electrician. Also, there will always be a demand for skilled electricians. As long as there is electricity, there will be a need for people to install electrical systems, test them, and repair them.

Electricians often have to work in uncomfortable or cramped surroundings. They also must stand for long periods of time, and the potential for injury is high. Electricians must be extra careful because electricity can be dangerous, even fatal. There are strict safety guidelines that electricians have to adhere to, or they risk serious injury.

Maintenance electricians sometimes work unusual hours. They generally have on-call hours, which means they have to have a clear schedule during certain hours, in case something needs to be fixed. Electricity is very important to most people, so if something isn't working, they probably want to have it fixed right away.

Did You Know?

Electrocution is a major cause of construction-related deaths. Many workers have been seriously injured, or even died, from not taking the proper precautions. The results of an electric shock can range from a slight tingle to cardiac arrest or a heart attack. What steps can you take to avoid injury? Always keep in mind how close you are working to a powerline. Powerlines are chock-full of electricity, and if you touch one, or even if something that you're touching touches it, you can be seriously injured.

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