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Education And Training

Even if a person has no knowledge of shoemaking, he or she could start in the shoe-production industry easily. Beginners are trained by employers to work with the different machines. A typical procedure may require a trainee to work with another employee until he or she has mastered a task. Before one can become a custom shoemaker, however, he or she has to be skilled in making shoes.

A good skill to have before getting into this profession is the ability to sew and work a sewing machine. Even if this skill is not required, it can be helpful. Experience working with machines is also a plus. Employers will be looking for some skills that are related to shoe manufacturing.

There are some vocational schools that offer shoe-making and repair classes. In these classes, students learn the basic skills needed to make shoes, such as cutting, dyeing, and stitching leather. Some programs also teach the basics of running a small business.

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