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TOOL AND DIE MAKER - Education And Training

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Education and Training

Tool and die makers are highly skilled. You do not need a college education to become a tool or die maker, but the training is intense. It takes four or five years of training before one can practice the trade. A formal apprenticeship program is the best way to get the experience you'll need to start your career as a tool or die maker. Apprenticeship programs combine classroom instruction and practical on-the-job training to give you the best preparation. These programs are rare, though. There aren't many of them, so most tool and die makers acquire their skills through other methods, such as informal on-the-job training or classroom instruction at a vocational school.

When learning to perform the duties of a tool or die maker, you will learn to operate the machines that help make tools and dies. You will also learn all about reading blueprints and plans, and you will learn the many steps involved in tool and die making. Good math skills are essential, as are good eyesight and excellent problem-solving skills.

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